Full Dash Assemblies We work with our boat builders to develop full dash assemblies, providing your customers with an ergonomically sound command center which will enhance their overall boating experience. We integrate controls for all your major electrical components including switches, gauges and accessory placement. The various BH vertically integrated manufacturing processes provide our customers with a multitude of design choices, allowing for a single source provider and a fresh individualized design for all your boat models. These manufacturing processes include:

  • Vacuformed Parts Our full line vacuform capabilities provide in-house mold making and full production of vacuformed products from six inches to eight feet. We offer a variety of materials, textures, and colors as well as vinyl wrapping of our formed products to provide that “auto dash” look for your boating enthusiasts.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Helm Assemblies Our fiberglass reinforcement capabilities for the interior of your vacuformed dash panels provide extra strength to the overall panel.
  • Custom Paint & Finishing of Panels Our custom paint capabilities provide our customers with countless combinations of classic looks and custom color combinations. Our finishing processes provide a professional look in various textures and finishes. Customized silk screening completes the painting process.
  • In-House Hydrographic Application For a panel finish beyond paint, our Hydrographic Application capabilities open up a wide array of truly custom looks. This process uses a specially designed image film which is chemically adhered to your dash panel.

Intricate Switch Panels Our switch panels can be customized to meet the varied systems on your boat and the panels can be silk screened with detailed labeling making the user interface easy to understand.

Battery Management Systems Our remote battery management systems make maintaining and monitoring your critical battery power a breeze.

Circuit Protection Systems Our circuit protection systems provide you with the peace of mind that your electrical system is safe from damaging electrical overload issues.

Wire Harnesses Our wire harnesses are custom designed to fit your model specific electrical layouts and component applications. Each harness is fully tested and integrated with your dash panel assembly. Multiple or very complex harnesses can be wired separately and packed in kits for the various stages of boat wiring in your facilities.

Battery Cables Our battery cables are custom cut and terminated for your specific needs.